About me

Welcome to a Pinch Of Delight. Im Izzy, an avid chocolate lover with a keen interest in anything sweet or sugary!

I created this blog as I wanted a way to share the treats I love with a healthier twist that will still have you coming back for more without the feeling of guilt and regret.


About Izzy:   

I have always suffered with the fear of overeating and gaining weight, this mental struggle shaped who I am today. I no longer want to have a fear of food and with these healthy recipes under my belt I am to love the world of food again without the fear of not liking who I am or what my body looks like.

My Food Philosophy:

I have the general idea you should ‘eat what you want when you want’ HOWEVER I love whole grain natural food that will keep you full and feeling energised throughout the day. All of my recipes should be simple and easy, nothing that requires any fancy ingredients, but they all will be natural and most importantly TASTE GOOD!

Thank you for visiting xx